Karl Dane - "Oh Buoy!"
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Oh Buoy! (1920)

Thanks to Rob Farr for providing a DVD copy of this film.

"Oh Buoy!" was a comic 1920 Sammy Burns Reelcraft short that starred forgotten pratfaller Sammy Burns. In this film, Karl is uncredited and the short is not part of is "official" filmographraphy. Karl, however, literally steals the show in another villainous part, the improbably named nasty first mate, Muddy Rep.

Muddy Rep is enraged to spy Captain Tootenville's daughter Hazel in a clinch with Basil De Poorfish (played by Burns). Of course, he wants the girl all to himself and he does everything he can to pulverize the hapless Basil.
Muddy Rep tries to sock Basil, the rival for Hazel's affections, but only succeeds in taking out poor Captain Tootenville.
Ah-ha! Muddy spies where the old Captain hid his yreasure. Now he is after the swag and the girl!
No more Mr. Nice Guy! Rep grabs Hazel and takes her forcibly aboard ship to spirit her away from Basil. She is a little tougher than he thought, however, and wrenches out a tuft of his hair!
Rep lights the fuse to blow up the ship. However, Basil will infiltrate his murderous gang, vanquish him and get the girl, all before the end of this reel!
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